Höllental Music Express


A musical countryside experience on rails


… is the name of a gallop by the composer Eduard Strauss and was the invitation to join in when we set off on a joint musical journey into the world of railroads last summer.

There was a lot to discover:

What does the rattling of trains sound like? What does the old, puffing steam locomotive tell us? We explored stations, made up train announcements, played music to the horn, and got to know all kinds of new places and people!

The participants gave their own musical expression to this journey by singing, talking or dancing and creating their own musical stories, pieces and songs around the railroad using various instruments and materials.

CONZEPT Dietmar Flosdorf (Leitung), Veronika Kinsky, Markus Göller

A project in cooperation with the Höllentalbahn, the elementary school Reichenau, the vacation care Reichenau, the Hans Lanner Regional Music School Association, the folk dance group Payerbach-Reichenau, the Aktiv Vital-Senior_innenhaus as well as the association Silbersberg.

Check out some impressions of the final presentation in our gallery!