Cover Music as Labour

This book, based on contributions to the isaScience conference in 2019 and edited by Dagmar Abfalter and Rosa Reitsamer,  brings together research at the intersection of music, cultural industries, management, antiracist politics and gender studies to analyse music as labour, in particular highlighting social inequalities and activism.

Published with Routledge in Gold Open Access, 2022.



This book, edited by Marko Kölbl and Fritz Trümpi, provides recent insights into how individuals and groups used and still use music to achieve social, cultural and political participation and bring about social change.

Published with mdwPress in Gold Open Access, 2021.




This reader is a selection of interdisciplinary essays on music and arts, presented at the isaScience conferences 2013-16, edited by Ursula Hemetek and Cornelia Szabó-Knotik.

Published with Hollitzer, 2017.