• Course

    1. Where does isa take place?
    isa takes place in the wonderful Semmering-Reichenau/Rax region, located around 100 km south of Vienna.

    2. When do I find out whether I’ve been admitted to isa?
    Audition results will be announced by E-mail in June.

    3. Will there be a safety concept?
    Yes, we’ll be adhering to all legally mandated safety measures relevant to the ongoing pandemic during isa, as well.

  • Workshops

     1. Do I have to pay extra to participate in the workshops?
    Workshops are open only to master class participants and are included in the course fee.

    2. How many workshops may I attend?
    Participants decide for themselves how many workshops they will attend. You can get an idea of each workshop’s intensity and required time investment on our website.

  • Competitions

     1. When and how may I register for the competitions?
    At the beginning of each course, the professors will nominate the candidates who will be permitted to participate in the competitions. It is possible to be nominated for more than one award category, but it must be with different pieces

     2. Do I have to be able to play entire works?
    Each nominated work must be prepared in full. The jury can decide which movement is to be played.

  • Festival

     1. What is the isaFestival?
    The isaFestival is a presentation platform that offers participants the chance to play publicly in concerts. A high standard of artistic quality (suited to performing professionally in public) is required.

     2. In how many public concerts may I perform?
    The isaFestival is planned so that each participant gets at least one chance to perform in a concert.

     3. When will I learn which concert I’ll be able to play in?
    The programme of each concert is finalised one day in advance. Participants may register with appropriate works, but only after they have received approval from their professors. The artistic director is responsible for final selections and decisions on performances.

  • Fees

    1. By when do I have to pay the various fees?
    The registration fee is to be paid by May 15, 2023 at the latest.
    The course fee is to be paid after confirmation of participation by July 15, 2023 at the latest.

    2. Are the workshops included?
    All supplemental offerings—such as the workshops—are already included in the course fee.

    3. Will I get my money back if I cancel?
    After 15 July 2023, the course fee can only be refunded in proven cases of force majeure. The registration fee is non-refundable.

  • Travel and Accommodation

    1. How do I get to the course location?
    There are trains from Vienna to all of the course locations (Payerbach-Reichenau, and Semmering). For current train timetables, connections, and tickets, see:https://www.oebb.at/en/. Please note that it’s quite often possible to get a direct connection from Vienna International Airport in Schwechat to our course locations.

    2. How do I get to my hotel?
    We organise shuttles on the arrival and departure days that run between the respective train stations and the hotels.
    Our shuttle service is reserved exclusively for participants staying at the official isa accommodations.

    3. I won’t be arriving at the indicated time. Can I still be picked up?
    Please send a brief E-mail to isa-music@mdw.ac.at if you’ll be arriving earlier than 9:00 am or later than 6:00 pm.

    4. Can I get a single room?
    Unfortunately, we can’t offer any single rooms.

    5. May I choose my own roommate?
    If you’d like to have a specific roommate, you’re welcome to send us an E-mail to this effect as soon as possible at isa-music@mdw.ac.at.