Höllental Music Express


A musical countryside experience on rails

BAHN FREI! – Make Way!

… is the name of a gallop by composer Eduard Strauss, and it’s also the invitation to join in, when we set off on a joint musical journey into the world of the railway this summer.

Get on the train – hear the whistle – and then the journey can begin!

There is a lot to discover:

What does the rattling of the trains sound like? What does the old, puffing steam engine tell us? We’ll explore stations, invent train announcements, make music to the bugle and get to know all kinds of new places and people!

Let’s marvel together at the songs that accompany our journey: Do you like the music of trains making their way at breakneck speed through the works of famous composers? Or do you prefer to make yourself comfortable in the train compartment, close your eyes and listen to the many sounds as the carriages sway dreamily through (musical) landscapes?

How can we give this journey our own musical expression with our voices and instruments? Singing, speaking or dancing, with different instruments and materials, we create our own musical stories, pieces and songs around the railway.