isa21 unlimited

isa’s 2021 jubilee edition celebrates 30 years of artistic creativity and activity while also marking its debut as a hybrid event that will take place both onsite and online in light of the COVID-19 pandemic’s ongoing impact.

With this in mind, isa21 has adopted the daring model of “unlimited” and is now said to cast off limitations and boundaries in the most varied respects.

Having planned a hybrid combination of onsite, face-to-face creative work and wider-reaching digital links with those participants and tutors who will be taking part in isa from all over the world, our aim is to facilitate COVID-adapted togetherness while also providing open access to numerous individuals who would otherwise miss out due to lingering travel restrictions.

It goes without saying that at isa, new impulses are always welcome: we strive constantly to look beyond our accustomed domains, be it in interdisciplinary and cultural exchange or in our selection of repertoire. And particularly for this jubilee edition of isa, three decades after the fall of political borders that had long been considered immovable, we view deliberate exploration of areas that lie outside our normal boundaries as a major opportunity!

We seek to live up to our aspiration of being relevant to society with our art while developing beyond those limits that still hold us back.

This year’s motto could also, of course, be punctuated with a question mark – after all, respect for boundaries is likewise urgently necessary. We need only think of our environment’s limited resilience, limits to growth, or even just the boundaries we need to observe in our interactions with one another! And for that matter, art and music are likewise ordered by self-imposed rules, rules aimed at bringing order to creative chaos…

Even so, there’s nothing more wonderful than exceeding limits and breaking through boundaries in a calculated and joyful way – ideally in mutual accord between performers and their audience!

It’s in this spirit, then, that we now join you in looking forward to a truly unlimited isa!

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