Displaced, Persecuted, and Banned by the National Socialist Regime:
Repertoire Workshop on Exiled Music

Ulrike Anton, Gerold Gruber

In this workshop, participants will rehearse works by composers who were persecuted, murdered, or driven into exile during the era of National Socialist rule due to being of Jewish descent or having taken up an antifascist political stance. Compositions may be selected from the chamber, concerto, and solo repertoire. The works interpreted during this workshop will be placed in a broader music-historical context with special attention paid to stylistically appropriate performance. What effects did persecution and exile have on these composers’ creative output? Why have so many of those compositions that had been acclaimed and frequently performed prior to the Second World War remained absent from major stages and concert halls to this day?

This workshop is meant to encourage participants to discover new and/or forgotten works. A further objective is to provide suggestions on how, when programming concerts, these compositions can be coherently combined with the conventional concert repertoire in a way that is attractive to concert promoters.

A list containing repertoire suggestions and information on obtaining sheet music will be posted here in advance. It is also possible to select thematically relevant works that are not on this list.

Active participation: all instrumentalists
Intensity level: 3