Master Class for Contemporary Music

22-29 August 2021
in Mürzzuschlag

  • Teachers

    Barbara Lüneburg  violin, viola

    Richard Haynes / Ensemble Proton Bern & ELISION  clarinet

    Florian Müller / Klangforum Vienna

    Jean-Bernard Matter

  • Target Group, Course Structure and Course Language

    Graduate and postgraduate or highly advanced undergraduates with performing experience.

    Arrival: 22 August
    Departure: 29 August
    Welcome meeting & Commencement of activities: 23 August

    – Daily individual and/or ensemble lessons
    Coaching with the teachers of the master class for composition
    play concerts in Reichenau (Interpretation Award)
    – max. 5 participants / class
    – All professors will provide exemplary repertoire lists and links (videos/clips)


  • Workshops, Lectures and Coaching sessions

    Alongside the master classes given by well-known, leading artistic personalities, isa also offers participants additional learning opportunities in the form of workshops, lectures, and coaching sessions.
    All supplementary workshops and lectures are only accessible in combination with a master class and are included in the course fee.

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  • Application and Application Reuqirements

    A prerequisite for participation is having attained a high artistic level, to be certified.

    Following files are required:
    1. Two demo recordings (video)
    – 1 contemporary piece
    – 1 classical piece
    (Upload video links)

    2. Letter of recommendation
    A letter of recommendation from a renowned professor or a recognised personality of international musical life that addresses one’s artistic qualification for this master class is required.
    (Upload .doc or .pdf file)

    3. Photo
    (Upload .jpg. png. gif)

    Application deadline: May 31, 2021



  • Fees

    Application fee € 100
    Course tuition fee €300

    Master class including practice opportunities
    Participation in workshops, lectures, and competitions
    Free admission to all concerts of the isaFestival

    All fees (registration fee and course fee) are to be paid after confirmation of participation by
    July 15, 2021 at the latest.

    From August 1, 2021 the course fee can only be reimbursed in proven cases of force majeure (e.g. illness, accident, death in the family, etc.). In no case will the registration fee be refunded!

  • Travel and Accommodation

    Participants are responsible for making and paying for their own travel arrangements.
    We do offer a shuttle service at each course location that runs between the local train station and the hotel on the arrival and departure dates, as well as to concerts and by special arrangement.

    Stadtplatz 3
    8680 Mürzzuschlag

    Accommodation includes
    Full board (7 overnight stays and 3 meals daily)

    Accommodation costs (per person/night)
    Single room € 70,00
    Twin room € 60,00

  • Scholarship

    Partial- SCHOLARSHIP

    Participants who are at a severe economic disadvantage may apply for a partial scholarship
    (typically € 100–500), for which some specific criterias have to be met.


    In addtition to the normal registration requirements and documents, it is necessary to provide one scholarship recommendation letter written by a renowned professor and/or internationally established musician confirming one’s particularly outstanding artistic quality and economic disadvantage.

    The application and required documentation for this scholarship must be sent as part of your general online application by 30 May 2021.


    isa decides whether or not to accept a nominated student based on her/his artistic qualifications.

    We would like to point out that the regular fees cover only a small percentage of the actual cost of your participation and thus represent a partial scholarship for all participants.