Kurt Schwertsik – Working on his pieces for string quartet

Koehne Quartet

Kurt Schwertsik and the Koehne Quartet have spent many years collaborating together on his string quartets as well as other works of his scored for forces including a string quartet. In 2007 the Koehne Quartet recorded all of these works for the ORF.

The idea here is for young quartets to choose one Schwertsik quartet each and rehearse it; in the workshop itself, we will then work on these pieces together with the participating ensembles. Also open to all string soloists!

There are 5 quartets to choose from:
„Skizzen“ (difficult)
„Ganesha Walkabout“ (very difficult)
„Ein namenloses Streichquartett“ (difficult)

Sheet music will be provided upon request.

Active participation: all string quartets and strings; passive participation: composers
Intensity level: 3