Dietmar Flosdorf

CALL isaOutreach

Chamber music or solo contributions to be presented to the participants of the project „Sounds of Nature” within the framework of isaOutreach 2021.
We are looking for works or excerpts of works or movements from the classical to contemporary repertoire that make reference to sounds of nature. These can be works whose titles or subtitles make corresponding references or which optionally trigger corresponding associations for the performer.
The offer and invitation is to present these works to the project participants within the framework of the isaOutreach workshops, after consultation, and to discuss them in depth with the isa-participants in the sense of music-mediating approaches.

The following are examples of literature, which can of course be expanded:
L. v. Beethoven: “Cuckoo Sonata” op. 79 for piano
P. I. Tschaikovsky: “Lerchengesang” (from Kinderalbum op 39) for piano
F. Liszt: “Bird Sermon of St. Francis of Assisi” piano
F. Liszt: “Waldesrauschen” Concert Etudes for Piano
C. Debussy: “Reflets dans léau” for piano (
F. Chopin: “Wave Etude” A flat major op. 25/1
N. Rimsky- Korsakov: “Flight of the Bumblebee” arranged for all instruments
F. Schubert (Dresden): “The Bee” for violin and piano
O. Messiaen: among others “La Merle Noir” (The Blackbird) for solo flute and piano
P. Vasks: “Landscape with Birds” for flute solo (
Doppler: “Das Waldvögelein” Idyll for flute and 4 horns (, (or with guitar / piano
String quartet: J. Haydn: “Lark Quartet” op. 64/5, “Bird Quartet” op. 33/3, “Frog Quartet” op. 50/6 (last movement) (

Active participation: all instrumentalists and singers
Intensity level: 2

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