Create your own event

Florin Luchian

Call Create your own event!

This workshop encompasses a series of training sessions concentrating on the preparatory steps involved in conceptualising and organising a real music event / concert at the isaFestival.  It is open to all active participants (except Piano Duo Course) and will focus on the winning project of the competition. As part of the training sessions, you will learn:

  • how to come up with ideas for a new concert format (thinking outside the box)
  • how to create a plan for your event
  • who you need in order to organise a concert (not only musicians, but also….)
  • how to understand, grow, and interact with the audience
  • how to manage a venue, the creative process, and the fundamentals of production and technical matters.

In essence, you will employ experiential learning techniques while actually working on a real event at the isaFestival, you will gain an understanding of what it takes to conceptualise and organise a music event at all levels (from creative production to understanding the involved risks, e. g. safety), and you will that much be closer to creating and managing your own events in the future.

Active participation: all active participants of isa21 (except Piano Duo Course)
Intensity level: 3 (online sessions prior to isa, rehearsals and presentation on site)